Ever heard about Permagropia?


Yes you did. Or if not you must have been affected by it somehow.

Ever asked yourself how much more information you can find about your favourite topics on the internet? I bet you have read some about permaculture, what about Agroforestry and maybe Sintropic Agriculture or natural farming, market gardening, forest gardening, food forests, homesteading…regenerative landscape design….? I could go on but i guess you got the point.

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These topics have been spinning in front of my eyes and through my brain for quiet some time now. And i have to say…although they all make perfect sense to me in their own way… All these topics are overlapping each other so much that my brain has started to make connections between them as if it was one thing only. This is what i call “the permagropia syndrome”. It basically slows down your thinking and  makes you feel as if your head isn´t big enough or fast enough for your thoughts.

But happily i have found the cure as well. With all these new things that all the time have been sending my thoughts around like a squash ball i realized somehow to look at my own thinking pattern from a distance. Now i know that all these new things are all part of an image.

An image that can be described as something very familiar to us all. A spiderweb.


This spiderweb i saw early in the morning while wandering over my land thinking (slow and confused) about what i still had to do. And when i saw it i realised the magic of it. How could this have been build like this so perfect and yet so complex but at the same time so logical and simple? The way it was hanging above the water between the cattails.

Great, i thought! This is exactly the feeling i wanted to have after quiet a few years of hard work establishing my dream. The image was a sign for me to understand that i was not losing it at all with these different theories and methods to restore the health of our planets ecosystem. This was a sign of success.

Permagropia is exactly what our planet needs. It needs diversity. We need to apply not just one sustainable tool, we need all the tools we can get. But most essential of it all, we should use them as we see fit, to weave them into an harmonic pattern that is strong enough to harvest our needs like the spider in his web harvesting water and nutrition and at the same time benefitting the system.

And the only way to do this doesn´t really exist…meaning, we need not to try to establish fixed assumptions as nature is not doing this either, it changes all the time. We shall have to follow it´s course and adjust and evolve as we go.

Therefore once more we need all the knowledge we can get our brain around. But if you have the symptoms of permagropia syndrome, of suffering like your brain is being squashed around.

Don´t worry about it, the best remedy is simply to get outside and start with doing something in the open air. As i did, while encountering this miracle of nature.

So please come and visit Lugar da Terra to follow a practical hands on workshop with us!.

And yes ofcourse we will talk a lot about Permaculture, agroforestry, sintropic agriculture and much more. We will start with module 1.0 “work with reeds” but to get more detailed information about all the modules of the course please e-mail us info@lugardaterra.pt

We will teach you skills that will be of great use to you so you can establish your own “Permagropia” system (or however you want to call it ;) !

Please feel free to contact us with any question! hope to see you in the course :)!



Lugar da Terra