The Dropper

Bed prepping never was so simple. The dropper takes the weight of the farmers back. It equally distributes the compost on top of the soil leaving a neat planting bed behind, ready to grow new crops!

Say Hi to our new tool! After many trials, The Dropper is finally here!
Watch the video and read the frequently asked questions below. We are available to answer your doubts so please get in touch with us. 
What is The Dropper?
The Dropper is a tool that helps the operator equally spread materials over a certain distance.
It is developed to spread compost on top of 75 cm wide market garden beds but can potentially be used for other purposes too.
Can I use it for something else than compost?
The Dropper is made to drop compost but it is possible to load it with other materials too, the spreading blades are easily interchangeable so it is possible to use different blades depending on the materials that need to be dropped. The dropper comes with a set of blades that is ideal for spreading compost like materials.
How much time do I win?
The dropper carries about double the load of a wheelbarrow and when it drops the material it is evenly distributed over the surface and makes raking unnecessary.
Besides the fact that the work is done about 4 times faster the operator needs to carry less during the process which adds to the possibility of getting more work done within a day.
How much can it carry?
The dropper can handle a maximum load of about 300L of compost (this is equal to the content of two standard wheelbarrows).
How much does it drop?
The dropper is developed to work with compost and Is balanced out to drop a fair amount on top of a typical market garden bed. At normal walking speed it can drop approximately 30L per 1 x 0.75 meter of garden bed. The quantity that is being dropped per area depends on the type of material and on how fast the operator moves the dropper forward. Its is also possible to change the size of the spreading blades or to regulate the flap door at the base of the dropper. .
Can it be operated by one person alone?
Yes, the dropper is made to be operated by one person.
Because the axis of the dropper is centralized the operator only has to push or pull, there is no lifting involved as the dropper carries its own weight and its content.
How does it work?
When the operator pushes The Dropper backwards the wheels run freely.
But when The Dropper is pushed forward the wheels are driving the axis that will drive de spreading blades to drop the material.
In addition the operator can control the flow of dropping materials by opening or closing the base of The Dropper. 
What is the width of The Dropper?
Width 92cm (including wheels)
Is it easy to manoeuvre?
Yes, although it is significantly wider than a wheelbarrow it is zero-turn.
It is not ideal to use on land with a lot of differences in hight but on flat land it hardly costs any energy from the operator because of its self carrying capacity.
In most cases it can easily be operated singlehandedly. 
Which materials is it made of?
The dropper is made of galvanized steel and treated wood and two 28inch bicycle wheels
Is it easy to maintain?
Yes. It is comparable with maintaining a wheelbarrow. The dropper is very low-tech and easy to assemble and de-assemble.
All parts are easy to replace and clean if needed. When The Dropper is not in use it can be leaning on its feet which releases the pressure of the tires.
Why is it a Regenerative tool?
The dropper can be used to drop organic materials on top of the earth surface. With a No-dig Market Garden setup, organic materials are being deposited on top of the soil to feed the soil food web.
This is in fact how nature does it when we are looking at trees dropping their leaves on the forest floor. With The Dropper, is now much easier to apply compost to your garden beds!