Viveiro / Nursery

A superplant with very medicinal, nutritious and colorful roots
An amazing perennial plant, great for infusions, with many medicinal properties
Most known by its seeds, discover the beautiful and fragrant leaf of this abundant plant
A beautiful plant with very nutritious and easy growing tubers
Beautiful ornamenatl plant with a great water cleaning properties.
Giant garlics with beautiful big flowers, producing a great yield of mild flavoured garlics
Evergreen, nitrogene fixing shrub with early fragant flowers and an edible fruit
A fast growing organic matter source and a beautiful tropical plant that produces small size bananas
O nosso foco principal é produzir plantas de espécies ou variedades peculiares, preferencialmente comestíveis, medicinais, pioneiras, fixadoras de azoto, que também desempenhem outras funções úteis, como atrair polinizadores e produzir fibras e madeira. “Comestível” como alimento para o solo, forragem animal e/ou consumo humano. Também cultivamos acumuladores minerais que armazenam micronutrientes do subsolo ajudando a manter um solo superficial saudável. Todas estas plantas crescem bem em sistemas perenes, como jardins comestíveis, hortas caseiras de permacultura e outros sistemas agroflorestais. Neste momento estamos a trabalhar para germinar e propagar as nossas plantas para as podermos disponibilizar. Estamos disponíveis para esclarecer dúvidas e para mais informações!

Our main focus is to produce plants of special species or varieties, preferably edible, medicinal, pioneering, nitrogen fixers, that are also performing other useful functions,
like attracting pollinators and produce valuable fibers and wood. "Edible" as food for the soil, animal fodder and/or human consumption.
We also grow mineral accumulators that harvest micronutrients from the subsoil to maintain a healthy topsoil.
All these plants grow well in perennial systems, like forest gardens, permaculture home-gardens and other agroforestry systems.
At the moment we are working hard on getting our plants started and making them available to you.
Please feel free to contact us for more information!